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Communication powers the modern world

Everywhere we go, we forge relationships with people based on the things we have in common, and for a very long time, our social and business potential was limited to those who naturally shared our circles, our country or even our language.

As the internet came into the picture, our reach has expanded to the farthest ends of the globe, and we started seeking familiarity across borders. In one fell swoop, the whole world started talking.

In our industry, we are luckier than most in that we get to see the effect of our work almost instantaneously. With every successful knowledge transaction that manages to draw a smile, hasten a deadline or make it possible for a business to realize its true market potential; our ambitious translation company makes one more step towards a brighter future, one where more people could find things in common through the uniting power of the internationalization and localization industry.

Ever since we took the leap back in February 2002, we were determined to grow from a small translation company in Egypt into a leading internationalization and localization company in the MENA region.

We could feel the power of the internationalization and localization industry because we saw it every day.

As a budding translation company in Egypt, our introduction to the internationalization and localization industry happened through translating patents, shipping and legal documents. It was back then that our team of language professionals and industry-specific translators first felt the weight of their work. We were not a mere translation company, we were a team of cultural mediators who made it possible for more people to find common ground.

It was a thrill. Seeing our work change people’s lives for the better started our journey from a translation company in Egypt to a multi-national internationalization and localization company covering hundreds of language pairings, starting from a wide range of African and Middle Eastern language translation services and all the way to European and Asian language translation services.

Company History and Experience

Firm believers that we are in the power of communication,

our first true experience in the field of internationalization and localization started back in 2005. As a small translation company in Egypt, we were eager to prove ourselves and our translation work to the world.

As the saying goes, no good work goes unnoticed. With every happy client, we got a new translation market. Within a few years, we were single-handedly fulfilling the internationalization and localization needs of the US and Australian embassies. More embassies reached out to us for their translation work, and we soon grew into one of the best internationalization and localization companies in the UAE, Gulf, and MENA region.

Our positive reception fueled our passion for bridging cultures, and the quality of our work as an internationalization and localization company in Egypt laid the grounds for regional and international expansion. By 2011, our ambitious translation company had moved its central office from Egypt to Dubai and created one of the finest multinational language hubs of passionate translation professionals and cultural facilitators in the region.

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Our Quality Standards

As the primary destination for the internationalization and localization needs of hundreds of individuals, companies and governmental organizations in the UAE, Gulf and MENA region, our translation services are structured according to evolving standards and regulations of the ITIL framework.

Tending to an immense need for cross-cultural communication across the globe, our translation complies with ISO 9001:2015 standards for Quality Management, ISO 17100:2015 for Translation Services & the SAE (J2450) standards, and our internationalization and localization process is closely monitored using some of the translation industry’s top management methodologies, including the Lean Six Sigma techniques.

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Throughout the years, TransHome has worked with some of the biggest household names in hundreds of thriving fields. Through our cooperation, mutual business potential was multiplied and expanded to millions of people throughout the world.

Excellent Services…Friendly Staff…Incomparable Experience.

Tarek El Goweiny

General Manager @ National Catering Company, Abu Dhabi

Translation of legal texts require accuracy, speed and honesty, I have found TransHome to be unprecedented in fulfilling such necessities

Naief Yahya

Senior Associate @ Al Tamimi & Co.

TransHome provides superb services at astounding prices.

Fakhry El Masry

Senior Associate @ Zaki Hashem & Partners Attorneys at Law

I have dealt with several translation firms, but TransHome stands out by far.

Mohamed Farouk

Counselor @ the Arab League
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