Multimedia/Studio Solutions

Multimedia / Studio Solutions

In the digital age, the future is visual.

Video consumption tops every other type of media online, and multimedia localization services have slowly and surely become a cornerstone of every organization. Nowadays, the global marketplace operates by the hands of industry-standard software and technology experts; integrating the manifold services of a wide range of directors, audio and video engineers, graphic designers, post-production technicians and certified language professionals to deliver strategic business, advertising and entertainment messages to today’s diverse consumers. Without their help, businesses, conglomerations and aspiring corporations have no chance of surviving the increasing demands of the global marketplace.

With over a decade of experience in the field of translation and multimedia localization, TransHome is one of the leading companies in the field of multimedia services throughout the MENA and GCC region; drawing on a talent pool of thousands of certified translators, multimedia localization specialists and passionate polyglots to offer voice talent in over 120 different languages. To this day, TransHome has supported in over 28,000 translations and oversaw the production and delivery of thousands of multimedia solutions to a growing number of industries worldwide.

Multimedia / Studio Solutions

Voiceover & Dubbing

As a leading translation and localization company in the MENA and GCC regionTransHome’s multimedia localization services span television, film, audio, online and recorded training material, offering services that include but are not limited to voice over and dubbing, lip synchronization and documentary-style narration.

Maintaining an expanding global and in-house network of thousands of certified translators, multimedia localization specialists and multi-lingual voice talent; TransHome offers a wide range of multimedia solutions in over 120 different languages; ensuring perfect timing, sound quality and unparalleled production value to a variety of local and global industries.

Partnering with TransHome for your voice over and dubbing project also gives you access to a comprehensive production crew of directors, audio and video engineers, graphic designers, post-production technicians, voice over and dubbing specialists and certified language professionals to support you at every phase of your production cycle; ensuring that your project not only enjoys the professional recording services of one of the best multimedia localization agencies in the region but also the expertise and support of a large team of creative specialists that assist you throughout your pre-production, production and post-production phases.

To this day, TransHome has successfully produced thousands of voice over and dubbing projects that meet the local requirements of a variety of industries, incorporating the help of our in-house studio and partner studios abroad to produce unmatched voice over and dubbing results in a variety of common media formats.

Multimedia / Studio Solutions


Subtitling is a highly cost-effective multimedia localization practice that empowers your local or global business reach by making your videos accessible for global consumption. Whether you are looking to get your subtitles translated, your script transcribed or your video subtitled from scratch; TransHome is one of the best subtitling companies in the MENA and GCC region, with subtitling projects produced for a wide variety of industries in over 120 different languages and local dialects.

As one of the most sought after multimedia services in the field of translation and localization, subtitling is a lot trickier than it sounds. Operating on limited parameters of time, resources and preset video length; subtitling goes past translation to require a wide range of sub-services that include spotting the entrance and exit times of the written text to ensure subtitling is synchronized with the idea, taking into consideration changes in camera shot and scene, simulating the translated subtitling to meet video and audio criteria and correcting subtitling errors throughout the project in addition to adapting the original text to the character count and duration of the subtitling sequence.

In the right hands, subtitling can maximize your video’s potential and sometimes even expand it to serve bigger objectives than originally intended. Source-to-source subtitling can reinforce the learning process of your video training material, foreign language subtitling can open up new markets and subtitling your organization’s story in multiple languages to suit target markets can ensure your company’s global success, increase market share and push brand equity through local linguistic or dialectical relatability.

Partnering with TransHome for your video subtitling needs gives you access to an expansive network of certified language professionals, audio and video editing and post-editing technicians as well as a team of multilingual multimedia localization experts who maximize your video’s potential through large-scale language resources. Supporting over 120 different languages, local dialects and regional accents, our team of certified language experts and subtitling specialists at TransHome are trained to take your video from local buzz to global success.

Multimedia / Studio Solutions


Transcript Translation Services

Potentially the most time-consuming of all multimedia services, transcription is one of the most highly demanded services in the field translation and multimedia localization industry; with global organizations requesting it on an almost daily basis. As a leading transcription, translation and multimedia localization company in the MENA and GCC region, TransHome offers transcription and transcript translation services in over 120 different languages, producing over 28,000 translations for a variety of established and emerging industries.

Whether you are looking for transcription services for your legal deposition, academic paper, corporate proposal, media research interview or business conference call; our team of thoroughly screened transcriptionists, multimedia localization experts and certified language specialists at TransHome are trained in television, digital media, audio and video production, and will assist you throughout the production cycle at an unparalleled turnaround rate.

Multimedia / Studio Solutions


Since our establishment a decade ago, TransHome has been committed to facilitating communication, bridging barriers of understanding and overcoming obstacles through a variety of translation and multimedia localization services, often expanding on agreed-upon business models to go above and beyond in order to ensure that objectives are met and success potential is efficiently maximized.

Saving you time, energy and human resource, our vast multimedia localization portfolio at TransHome also includes retyping services; meeting your every linguistic and dialectic need without straining your budget. Supporting over 120 different languages, our team of certified language specialists, multimedia localization experts and desktop publishing veterans also aid your in-house team with extracting written information from images and non-editable files and retyping them for your use or documentation. To this end, TransHome provides you with high-quality results in all supported media and file types; ensuring that your local organization, global conglomeration or thriving corporation achieves its desired objectives.

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