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Interpretation Services

Interpretation Services

Businesses have very little in common. A singular product of need, demand and creative resource in disparate locations; entrepreneurs have ambitiously planted the seeds of thousands of industries over the years, some of which crossed the borders into the global market, others thrived in their home environments and grew into ambitious local conglomerates that continued to serve the needs of millions in a way that was never thought of before.

Different as the very people that made them possible, all businesses have one thing in common; they thrive on successful communication.

As a leading internationalization and localization company in the MENA region, it is our job to facilitate understanding, foster fruitful human connections and bridge cultural barriers through a variety of certified language solutions, interpreting and translation services.

Interpretation Services
Consecutive Interpretation

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Perhaps one of the most popular and sought after of all interpreting services, consecutive interpreting is a vital component of international business conferences, business negotiations, academic seminars, press conferences and court trials. Unlike other types of interpreting services, consecutive interpreting professionals take notes and allow the speaker to talk for a long time without interruption. Once the speaker has finished their segment, consecutive interpreting professionals then provide their interpretation to the audience in turn.

Aggregating a large network of consecutive interpreting professionals from all over the globe, TransHome’s commitment to quality has positioned it as one of the best interpreter companies in the MENA region. Offering consecutive interpreting services in over 120 different languages, TransHome goes the extra mile by assigning consecutive interpreting professionals to your project based on past experience in the industry, ensuring that your business, project or conference enjoys unprecedented quality, staggering speed and proficient subject-level accuracy.

Interpretation Services
Simultaneous Interpretation

Unlike consecutive interpreting services, simultaneous interpretation professionals provide your international conference, press conference or business summit with real-time interpretation from their booth through individual headsets worn by the audience.

Transmitting information word-by-word and only a few seconds apart, simultaneous language professionals are considered some of the most highly specialized language interpreters in their field, receiving strenuous training for up to two years in subject-level simultaneous interpretation, presenting to large crowds of people and performing under pressure without delay before taking on their first live project.

Known as the most difficult of all interpreting services, TransHome’s spotless track record has placed it as one of the leading simultaneous language interpretation companies in the MENA and GCC regions, offering simultaneous interpretation services in over 120 different languages across a variety of industries, local specialties and dialectical sub-specialties. Matching simultaneous interpretation professionals to your project based on their native language and past experience in the relevant field, TransHome simultaneous interpreting services include providing your conference, summit or business with the necessary audio equipment for an optimal simultaneous interpretation experience.

Interpretation Services
Conference Interpretation

Interpreting services vary with the type of industry, event or business that requires it. Many interpreting companies fall for the obvious mistake; offering a one-size-fits-all conference interpretation package for all their clients and expecting the process to carry it over to success. As one of the leading language interpretation companies in the MENA and GCC region, our experience in over 28,000 translation projects has taught us that our clients go about their business differently

Committed to providing you with the best language interpretation experience, we cater our comprehensive conference interpretation package to your every need. If you are a traveling businessman, TransHome empowers you with a traveling escort who is trained to provide you with spoken or whispered on-site interpretation services. If you are an established leader of a local conglomeration or international organization, TransHome assigns a specialized event manager to your project who acts as an in-house extension of your event planning team, ensuring that your conference interpretation goes according to plan at every point of the program and assisting you throughout the schedule.

Celebrated as one of the leading language interpretation companies in the MENA and GCC region, our translators, interpreters and subject-level language professionals go the extra mile to aid you with document translation services for your conference and audio and video transcription services for documentation. Dedicated to bridging language barriers and facilitating understanding between global citizens without prejudice, TransHome also makes your conference interpretation services more inclusive through on-site or remote American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation and assistive listening services for the hearing impaired.

Choosing TransHome to assist you on your next conference gives you access to a wide network of reliable business, marketing, translation, interpretation and planning partners who are present at every potential bottleneck of your event. In addition to conference interpretation services, TransHome also sources on-site coordination professionals to assist you with venue booking and itinerary planning, and supports your event with specialized interpretation equipment rental services according to need.

Interpretation Services
Over-the-Phone Interpretation

Drawing on a diverse network of certified language professionals, specialized translations agents and telephone interpreter service providers, our professional over the phone interpretation (OPI) services support over 120 different languages in a variety of industries, local specialties and dialectical sub-specialties.

As one of the leading telephone interpreting companies in the MENA and GCC region; TransHome has successfully aided in thousands of legal cases, asylum interpretation cases, immigration assistance, examinations under oath (EUO) and medical emergencies throughout the years; facilitating cross-cultural understanding and mediating in a variety of complex situations with subject-level expertise and finesse.

Reaching above and beyond, our language interpretation professionals assist in a lot more than telephone translation services. Matched to your project on the basis of past expertise in the field and subject in question, our telephone interpreting experts are also specialized in your specific market’s unique cultures and dialects, and are trained to handle sensitive situations with complete confidentiality; ensuring that your business enjoys our over the phone interpretation (OPI) services in a trusted and proficient manner.

Interpretation Services
Video Remote Interpretation

Perhaps the most diverse of all our interpreting services, video remote interpreting (VRI) is used in a variety of day-to-day settings by a wide roster of people who find themselves in a situation where they need unconventional language interpreting services.

Connecting multiple parties together through cutting-edge on-demand video remote interpreting (VRI) technology; TransHome is one of the leading language interpretation companies in the field, offering language support in over 120 different languages on a 24/7 basis. From hospitals and schools to governmental agencies and retail outlets, video remote interpreting (VRI) helps limited English speakers in large-scale organizations as well as the deaf and hard-of-hearing feel connected, understood and empowered.

Committed to facilitating communication and understanding across language barriers, choosing TransHome puts you in contact with a continuously expanding network of certified language professionals and video remote interpreting (VRI) experts with extensive background experience in your field, specialty and subspecialty and an excellent track-record of using relevant terminologies and subject-specific expressions to aid you in your project.

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