Translation Services

Translation Services

Communication is about more than just offering timely translation services. It’s about bridging cultures, fostering human connection and facilitating cross-cultural understanding through certified language solutions.

TransHome was born out of a passion for communication.

A passion for bringing people together through quality translation services that speak to the core of the message rather than replicate it. Out of a deep sense of commitment to everyone’s personal story, our industry-expert linguists and full-time quality managers rework every piece of content to make sure that nothing is lost in translation.

Offering multiple layers of translation services that vary with the nature of each project, the needs of every client and changing industry standards, TransHome has garnered a wide reputation in the translation and localization industry as a customer-centric language translation agency for seamless native content. Throughout the UAE, Gulf and MENA region; thousands of corporations, agencies and governmental organizations trust us to provide them with unparalleled, internationally-certified language solutions. To this end, we constantly develop our translation services with current standards of the translation and localization industry; ensuring that the final product is ready for deployment through a rigorous process of multi-step translation and content review.

Today, we offer a wide selection of translation services covering all the recurring individual requests across different industries; including document translation, patent translation and organic content arabization.

Translation Process

It’s no secret that the translation and localization industry is overwhelmed.

Hundreds of documents fly into cramped translation offices every minute, needing professional translation services that require complicated localization procedures and industry-specific translation expertise to even come close to a working draft.

It was here that the need for certified language solutions was born. Namely, a need for a high-quality proofreading service.

At TransHome, our proofreading service is the secret ingredient of our translation process. Every step is improved with a proofreading service that ensures the meaning of the source text has been accurately and clearly retained. Using specialist references, our professional translation services include finding exact terminology equivalents in specialist source texts, researching scientific, technical and legal phraseology to maintain the integrity of the source copy and liaising with clients to guarantee complete satisfaction.

But most importantly, each and every one of our translation steps is followed by an industry-specific proofreading service to ensure maximum fluency.

Once the work has been approved, our learning can truly begin. Each and every project that TransHome delivers is added to our knowledge base as a certified source of translation in the relevant industry, and we use it to develop our professional translation services with the industry-specific knowledge gained from each project.

TransHome Linguist Selection Process

Every language has its own essence; its idiosyncrasies and trending quirks, its own set of delicate traditions and singular expressions that cannot be translated. In a way, maintaining professional translation services is a constant effort of reliving the message and reproducing it through the peculiar set of expressions, turns and traditions of the second language.

As a leading language translation agency in the MENA region, we take our linguist selection process very seriously. Attracting passionate polyglots and veteran linguists from all over the globe, each and every one of our translators is a highly-qualified language professional with relevant industry-specific expertise to your project.

Having proven themselves on a variety of linguistic and subject-level tests; our cherry-picked linguists are passionate professionals who were first and foremost language enthusiasts. To this end, our professional translation services not only maintain native fluency, but the kind of accuracy and attention to detail that is only possible when people are doing what they love for a living.

Translation Services


Arabization is the hallmark of the translation and localization industry
in the MENA region.

Arabic Translation Company


As far back as the 1300s, the Caliphs wrote books upon books on the true art of translating text into the Arabic language. While many translation companies successfully offer rendered texts, few capture the spirit of the document and retain it after it has been translated into Arabic.

At TransHome, we consider ourselves one of the lucky few who had the opportunity to establish our office at the heart of the Arab world. Founded in Egypt and relocated to Dubai, our Arabic translation company was deeply rooted in the best of both cultures from the very first moment. Sourcing our Arabic translation services from the place where it all started, our professional translation services soon became known for their attention to nuance and inimitable flow.

Growing into a multinational language translation agency with a strong presence in the Arab region, we owe our success in the field of Arabization to our humble beginnings as an Arabic translation company. It was this strong base that helped us set ourselves apart in the field of Arabic translation services, offering the most fluent and source-reliable Arabic translation services to hundreds of thriving Arab businesses around the globe.

Translation Services

Document Translation

Imagine a world where everybody understands each other.

You smiled.

That’s why, looking back on our decade of experience in the translation and localization industry, we consider ourselves extremely lucky. As a leading language translation agency, we got to be part of thousands of personal achievements and ambitions painstakingly realized.

Through every document translation, we brought people closer to the thing they wanted the most. Through every clinical trial document translation, we got to be part of an upcoming medical breakthrough. Through every business proposal document translation, we got to be part of realizing someone’s dream.

And through every thesis document translation, we got to be part of someone’s bright future.

With every document translation, TransHome gets to be part of bridging the multicultural barriers throttling people’s accomplishments. And from where we stand today, we have deployed over 28,000 document translations in 120 languages all over the world.

Translation Services

Certified Translation

Today, we leave a paper trail everywhere we go.

Certified Translation Company

Whether you are starting your own business, relocating to another country or filing for a marriage license; your every move is meticulously drafted and documented at dozens of relevant legal departments and administrations through a certified translation. Many honest endeavors were halted due to a mistype, a missing official translation or a small language technicality.

Through certified language solutions, we seek to empower people to realize their dreams and reach their full potential with every certified translation that our avid team of industry-specific language professionals makes possible. Offering certified multilingual support in 120 different languages and over 1000 language pairings, we have deployed 50 million words to date that launched people into their future at full speed. Facilitating multicultural integration through the best-certified translation services in the MENA region; TransHome has been at the epicenter of thousands of individual hopes and dreams throughout the globe.

And we could not be more grateful.

Translation Services

Patent Translation

Navigating the nuances of the global filing system can be hard for even the most experienced professional language translators.

Unlike other types of certified translation, patent translators are fluent at the legal and financial terminologies of every form of patent claim, be it a medical patent, a chemical patent, a pharmaceutical patent or a mechanical patent. Without subject-level expertise, the best patent claims can easily lose their shot at an EP validation or a WIPO application.

At TransHome, we understand the complexities of patent translation, that’s why our professional translators are assigned to your project based on industry-specific proficiency and extensive past experience in the IP formalities of financial translation services or legal translation services.

Offering a full range of patent translation services, ranging from patent claims, patent renewals, patent validations, patent applications or legal patent disputes in complete confidentiality, TransHome is the leading patent translation agency in the UAE, Gulf and MENA region, earning the confidence of hundreds of corporations, governmental organizations and embassies around the world.

Translation Services

AutoCAD Translation

Offered by few niche language translation agencies around the world.

AutoCAD translations are one of the most complex and time-consuming tasks in the translation and localization industry, simply because the process of AutoCAD translation is not limited to offering subject-level translation services.

In addition to extracting text from the source file, AutoCAD translation requires an additional step of industry-specific design mirroring to replicate the original file format upon delivery. Those in need of AutoCAD translation in the field of Architecture, Engineering and Graphic Design have found it increasingly hard to find a competent translation company in Egypt that can carry out such a massive and laborious task competently without third-party support.

As a leading language translation agency in Egypt, UAE and the MENA region, AutoCAD translation is one of our core regional services. At TransHome, our subject-level language experts offer certified language solutions using industry-specific terminologies and the latest standards and field-specific practices for optimal AutoCAD translation services.

Having been assigned to your AutoCAD translation project based on a proven track record of excellence in the relevant industry, our team of language professionals work closely with our in-house desktop publishing team to ensure that the translated text is incorporated into the right design format of the target language. To this end, TransHome offers comprehensive AutoCAD translation services that span production from start to finish.

Over the years, we have assisted hundreds of Engineering, Architecture and Graphic Design students with their AutoCAD translation projects in over 120 different languages, with an excellent track record of successful project applications in a variety of academic capacities. Choosing TransHome to carry out your AutoCAD translation services ensures that the result is ready for deployment upon delivery.

Translation Services

CAT Tools

In our field, we get to learn so much everyday.

With every new project, our knowledge base is enhanced with industry-specific terminologies, updated with recent standards and fine-tuned with the insights that are only accessible to those who are involved in every step of the translation process.

Out of commitment to impeccable translation quality, our team of passionate translators and language professionals uses the latest computer-aided translation (CAT) tools to maximize the proficiency and consistency of their translation services. Aiding on aspects such as terminology management, translation memory and specialized document editors; CAT tools exponentially improve our productivity rate and ensure that bilingual texts are aligned with previous translation in the same field.

Integrating CAT tools in our translation services allows us to perform ongoing spell-checks, build translation glossaries from recurring phrases and terminologies, look up online and offline resources and relevant references in the industry and match segments in source text with its translated equivalent to form translation memory files. With the help of CAT tools, our translations services are consistent and search-engine friendly, allowing us to automate the quality assurance process across the board and produce standardized output that is both dependable and 100% accurate.

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