Multicultural Marketing

Multicultural Marketing

Breaking into global markets has never been harder than it is today.

With the dawn of a new age, a smarter generation of consumers was born; a generation with a brand new set of needs, wants and modern cravings, a generation that cannot be fooled by the one-size-fits-all marketing solutions of empty slogans and enthusiastic brand promises, a generation that knows precisely where it stands and uses its purchasing power to shape the new world to their liking.

But most of all, what defines the new generation of consumers is their constant desire for a meaningful connection.

Adapting to the emerging generation, the global market has become an ever-expanding field of cross-cultural communication; an ocean of a thousand industries that are constantly merging, separating and reshaping to thrive in a highly-competitive international landscape. With each passing day, the competition gets smarter, stronger and more malleable; taking on bigger markets with localized marketing solutions and smaller niches with a laser-focused communication strategy, and investing incredible resources into learning the small things that make people tick, and eventually purchase.

Driven by our passion for bringing people together, we realized early on that offering national translation services cannot be the end of the road. For hundreds of companies, organizations and conglomerations trying to break into new global markets, adaptive marketing solutions are not just an integral part of their brand internationalization and localization efforts, they are the basic ingredient to their ultimate survival.

Tried and tested in hundreds of global markets with an excellent track record of localized success, TransHome multicultural marketing solutions are trusted by thousands of leading brands, established household names and growing e-commerce platforms around the world. Through a mature service package of cultural image and content consultation, certified name testing services, experienced transcreation, copy adaptation and digital marketing translation services as well as localized content creation services, our national translation services have positioned TransHome as the go-to agency for multicultural marketing services in the region.

Multicultural Marketing Services

Cultural Consulting

Every country has its jokes.

They have their idioms, their puns, their traditional sayings and their running expressions. They have the things that make them laugh, the things that make them blush, the things that can say out loud and the things that they whisper in reverence.

These collective nuances form an understanding of the population, the true arsenal behind the work of every marketing translation agency, and they vary from one country to the next. Get them right, and you have a key to the consumer’s heart. Get them wrong, and you risk an unforgivable national offense.

Brand names, big and small, have felt the true weight of advertising translation through trial and error. In an inexperienced attempt to enter a new global market, their in-house team would take on the work of a marketing translation agency and reword their original content into the target language without proper market research. More often than not, the result is an invariable loss of their precious target audience through inappropriate marketing solutions.

Bridging cultural gaps through internationalization and localization bypasses the mere effort of literal word-by-word translation; it constitutes a comprehensive effort of transposing meaning from one culture to the next. A deep understanding of the target language is required for powerful advertising translation. Without it, words simply do not matter.

Through a decade of experience in the field of multicultural marketing solutions, a passion for the world’s people and a rigorous cyclical effort of translation, proof-reading, reviewing, editing and post-editing; our cosmopolitan team of language professionals and industry-expert linguists have figured out the winning formula of advertising translation. Campaigns cannot be translated, they have to be recreated from scratch in accordance with the target culture.

With the help of a highly-experienced team of cultural consultants and marketing translation agency experts, our advertising translation process at TransHome does not begin until we have acquired the necessary local information surrounding your campaign concept, target market and specific niche. Armed with industry insights and the immense power of locale, our creative multicultural marketing team comes up with several marketing solutions to power your internationalization and localization efforts, and guide you towards making the correct brand decision for your global business.

Multicultural Marketing Services

Transcreation and Copy Adaptation

Localizing your main campaign concept using our local translation services is only the start of a long journey of creative multicultural execution.

Much like the main idea, thousands of cultural elements also go into the advertising copy that powers your campaign.

In its original form, your content speaks to more than just your product features or basic services. It is a grueling craft of creative ideation that borrows from culture, personal experience, industry expertise and current events, as well as language nuances. Spanning headlines, taglines, scripts, website content and sales pitches, your creative team of content creators and copywriters has to make hundreds of little choices to make sure the resulting content resonates with the target market. Without an intimate understanding of the target culture, fluency of the target language or the help of a specialized transcreation agency, these decisions are impossible to make, let alone execute.

Armed with the proper industry insights and market research behind an equivalent local concept, our veteran team of industry-specific language professionals, advertising translation and transcreation agency experts supports you in every step of the internationalization and localization process. In addition to offering local translation services and basic language support as transcreation agency experts, each one of our target language translators and language professionals is assigned to your project based on prior expertise and an excellent track record in the field of multicultural marketing at a transcreation agency level.

Once a winning team has been assembled and successfully appointed to your project, our collaborative multicultural marketing effort can truly begin. Through a continuous back-and-forth process between our translation and transcreation agency team and your in-house marketing team, TransHome presents your company with a number of options that you can choose from and guides you through why we believe these specific phrases will resonate with your target audience. Once a direction has been chosen, our team of transcreation agency-level experts and language professionals oversees the translation of your marketing copy from start to finish.

Multicultural Marketing Services

Name Testing

Without professional name testing services, it is impossible to position your brand in the market or differentiate it from the competition.

Advertising is the continuous strategic communication of a series of carefully-crafted messages about your product or service to your target consumer, and the first message that the consumer receives about your brand is, inevitably, your brand name.

But there is more to your brand name than its marketing value. First and foremost, a powerful brand name is one that evokes the right set of feelings in every target market. Millions of dollars are spent on branding each year to make sure that when a brand name is mentioned, consumers feel a certain way. More millions are spent trying to rebrand a faulty strategic decision or marketing mishap through a fresh new name, bearing promises of improvement and hopes of positive local acclaim.

The true challenge of localization marketing lies in translating those same feelings across cultural barriers and language nuances. With the help of professional name testing services, our team of internationalization and localization experts can help you arrive at the marketing solutions that align with your specific brand needs, challenges and limitations.

As a leading name in the field of national translation services and multicultural marketing solutions, TransHome goes above and beyond to ensure that your brand name lives up to its full potential through specialized in-language, in-country and in-market name testing services. Backed up with rigorous market research and an intimate understanding of the target population, our team of industry-specific language experts and translation professionals ensure that you introduce your brand to your new global market under a name that truly represents you.

Multicultural Marketing Services

Image Consultation

Upon traveling to a new country, the first thing you google is how to dress.

Similarly, a brand should be considerate of the local traditions of its new global market upon crossing borders to a new promising location.

At TransHome, our team of industry-specific language professionals and local experts in multicultural marketing solutions are involved in every step of your new market entry, advising your in-house marketing team on emerging best practices and guiding your brand management decisions on the best internationalization and localization standards within your target niche.

As a leading household name in the localization business, brand image consultation is an integral part of our comprehensive marketing translation services. Whether you’re an established international conglomeration, thriving multinational organization or emerging e-commerce platform, our team of cultural consultants support your business with local insights, consumer research and customized marketing solutions spanning transcreation, copy adaptation, advertising translation, brand name testing in addition to professional image consultation; ensuring that your brand message is communicated in a consistent and efficient manner across all relevant channels.

Multicultural Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services

Nowadays, social media marketing is the beating heart of your modern brand communication.

Digital Marketing Translation

More than half of sales worldwide are made online, with millions of people around the world depending on their internet access for information, entertainment, business, social networking and shopping. Without digital marketing services, your brand is technically invisible.

As a leading advertising translation agency in the MENA region, TransHome’s national translation services span digital marketing services and social media marketing services for all of our local, regional and international clients. Through a custom combination of online marketing solutions and digital marketing services, TransHome increases traffic and conversions to your website and maximizes your reach in new and existing markets. Moreover, our online marketing solutions cater to your internationalization and localization needs through a diverse set of social media marketing services, including search engine optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click advertising (PPC), social media advertising and content creation services as well as web design and web development services.

Whether you are an established organization, growing conglomeration or thriving startups, our social media marketing services ensure that your business garners awareness, loyalty and engagement on a variety of channels, our SEO services maintains a competitive edge for your business in search results, our customized PPC strategy maximizes your online revenue and our web design and development services tweak your website user experience to secure high-value leads and garner credibility through best design practices.

Through a full-service package of digital marketing services, social media marketing services and national translation services; TransHome completely transforms your business presence for the global market and manages your internationalization and localization needs across the board.

Multicultural Marketing Services

Content Creation

Thriving in the global market is a constant effort of content marketing.

Today, 91% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers rely on content creation to drive the majority of their traffic, increase their online conversions and consistently communicate their brand voice throughout their official online and offline channels. However, many companies find it extremely challenging to produce content on a consistent basis due to poor in-house resources, lack of content strategies or unmeasured content marketing and content localization campaign ROIs.

As a leading regional name in the internationalization and localization industry, TransHome is more than just a content translation company. Offering a variety of content services, TransHome partners with your business to identify content creation gaps in your website and produce, publish and manage your online and offline content marketing efforts through active content creation, accurate content translation and proactive content management services.

With a team of certified language experts, content strategists and designers at your service, your business can enjoy the many perks of a content creation and content translation company, including the internationalization and localization of your blogs, newsletters, white papers, web copy and social media content across all of your official channels.

Together, our content creation team will assist your in-house marketing team with planning, developing and delivering your many content assets through a comprehensive set of content services; increasing awareness about your brand by generating high-value leads, educating consumers about your products and services through custom content marketing solutions, engaging your target audience through content localization and content translation and converting existing and potential users by garnering trust, credibility and brand loyalty across all of your official brand channels.

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