Website Localization

Website Localization

Website localization is an integral component of professional website translation. Without proper website localization, website translation services are useless.

However, the website localization is not as simple as utilizing the proper keywords of the target location. It is the thorough process of completely transforming the appearance and functionality of a website from one culture to another. This practice pervades database translation, button translation, error message translation as well as the main website content, and goes deep into the little things that make it relatable to people’s native tongue.

A deep understanding of language nuances and native local expressions is a vital element of website localization. TransHome goes above and beyond to make sure that website translation services are only the beginning of the website localization process. Once the main copy has been translated by a team of native speakers of the target language, proofread by a different set of native language professionals and fact-checked against a variety of industry-specific subject texts, an extra round of editing ensures that the product stays true to form in its brand new language in the global market.

To this end, our professional website translation successfully positioned TransHome as the leading website localization company in Egypt and the region, with thousands of companies, organizations and governmental bodies choosing us to carry out their website translation services.

Images / Layout / Desktop Publishing

Although hundreds of website localization companies around the world readily offer website translation services, very few back it up with a Desktop Publishing (DTP) team to finish the job.

This undue interruption in the website localization process can take a perfectly translated website and turn it into useless backlog; ruining the content flow and website structure with every team shift and change in commission.

At TransHome, our DTP team is involved in every single website localization project, starting from industry-specific company websites and international outlets to large-scale e-commerce websites and shopping portals. In addition to their assistance in website localization projects, our DTP team is also heavily involved in offline Desktop Publishing renditions, including brochures, catalogs and marketing material of all kinds and subject-level capacities.

This level of commitment has deeply differentiated TransHome from competing website localization companies. Our involvement in the website localization process from start to finish has earned us the unvarying trust of thousands of industry professionals and leading multinational conglomerations around the world.

Mobile Site Localization

In recent years, more and more people have been accessing websites worldwide through their mobile phones, with mobile purchases surpassing every other device by a large margin.

This modern market shift has caused businesses all over the world to drive their marketing efforts towards prioritizing mobile site localization; rushing towards optimizing their website from being mobile-friendly to mobile-first.

Nowadays, mobile site localization is the main practice behind expanding the reach and active user base of leading e-commerce portals and online shops around the world, making it one of the most sought after website translation services today. By carefully catering website content and interface to mobile use, local services can be exported to other countries through mobile site localization; expanding market reach and sales volume of small-scale startups and transforming them into worldwide businesses with considerable leverage in foreign markets.

At TransHome, our language professionals and native industry-specific translators follow the latest mobile site localization standards and best practices in website translation services, achieving enormous local success in regional and global markets and making great strides towards a more cohesive global market. To this day, TransHome has been involved with the translation and mobile site localization of over 50 million words, bringing people closer together through translation and laying the grounds of global business cooperation in over 120 languages.

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