Medical & Pharmaceutical

Known for its challenging, demanding and often fast-paced nature, medical translation is perhaps one of the most important types of translations today; simply because of its effect on human life.

Any mistake can have grievous consequences on the lives of the patients involved, or the credibility of the institution in question.

Experienced in a variety of medical subspecialties, partnering with TransHome for you medical localization project gives you access to a large network of vetted medical translation professionals and highly qualified medical localization specialists that are handpicked and assigned to your project based on their proven track record of success and knowledge of specific medical localization terminologies in dentistry, surgery, skin, women, obstetrics, children, eyes, cosmetics, biomedicine and more.

Offering translation and medical localization services in over 120 different languages, our medical translation specialists and medical localization experts can assist your organization with a wide variety of medical documents, such as patient records, medical findings, drug labeling and packaging, clinical trials, standard operating procedures (SOPs), instructions for use (IFUs), independent medical exams (IMEs), patient instructions and pharmacological studies.

Moreover, choosing TransHome for your medical localization project ensures that all translation is certified by the ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified quality management system standards; maintaining complete accuracy, expediency and confidentiality.

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