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In today’s world, the news never stops. Mere minutes can be the difference between separate and equally powerful world events that need the same level of urgency and undivided attention.

Media localization is one of the most demanding fields available today, and news conglomerations all over the world require the assistance of a language support vendor that can manage high-volume translations with complete accuracy and confidentiality on an extremely tight deadline.

Fluent in over 120 different languages, partnering with TransHome as your main language support vendor gives you access to a wide network of translators, interpreters, and research specialists that respond to your every media localization need. Whether you are a large-scale news conglomeration, regional sports radio station, or thriving production house for film or TV entertainment, our team is there for you with a wide range of multilingual solutions, including but not limited to language interpretation, document translation, website localization, multilingual layout, sport game localization, mobile app localization, copy adaptation, large-scale content management as well as multimedia studio services.

Moreover, our team of professional interpreters, media localization specialists, and bilingual language supervisors work closely with your foreign news desk; providing your on-ground correspondents with interpretation support throughout their live interviews and breaking stories, and our global staffing experts source your news desk with the best multilingual translators and media localization specialists for temporary or permanent assignments.

Supporting you with a wide range of media localization and technology solutions, TransHome also supplies your news program or media project with highly-trained voice talent for your foreign language interview or upcoming feature film. Having recorded the necessary footage, TransHome also supports your business throughout the post-editing process with an expansive suite of multimedia solutions that span script and copy adaptation as well as voice-over, subtitling, and dubbing.

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