There are hundreds of ways to share your story with the world. Be it through film, book or song or article; the practice of literary translation is one of the oldest and most complicated practices available today, requiring a certain level of sensitivity and dedication to the author’s main message.

Unlike other translation types, the work of literary translation agency is anything but literal; often repurposing entire passages to make sure the integrity of the story is properly communicated to the target reader despite language constraints, cultural barriers, and the discrepancies of idioms and expressions from one place to another.

Through our tried-and-tested 5-Step Quality & Accuracy Control Process; our literary translation specialists ensure that your book, movie, play or script translation is accurate, expedient, and just as passionate as the original text. Fluent in over 120 languages, our network of passionate literary translation specialists are assigned to your project based on extensive knowledge of the project background and language of origin, as well as the language and culture of the target literary translation.

Additionally, our literary translation specialists at TransHome are highly qualified in the formatting and stylistic traditions of each literary translation type; ensuring that your product is ready for publishing upon delivery.

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