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As a leading translation company in the field of software localization and software internationalization in the MENA and GCC region, our large network of language professionals and copy adaptation specialists will assist at every step of your software localization project; starting from the development, management and translation of content and all the way to the software localization and testing phase.

Offering turn-key software localization solutions, our commitment to your software localization project bypasses mere translation and goes well into the pre-flight and localization preparation, the delicate process of externalizing strings, adapting field names and label assessments, translating strings and prompts, reviewing layout and overseeing in-language testing.

Upon release, TransHome becomes your reliable software QA partner, offering full functional software testing services to detect functional errors in embedded or standalone software, and overseeing localization issues throughout text expansion and truncation, character encoding, incorrect text placement and translations as well as untranslated strings.

Moreover, TransHome also offers customer support services for software localization projects, assisting your team with over the phone interpretation in over 120 different languages, multilingual chat translation as well as email and social media translation; ensuring that your software localization project reaches its full market potential.

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