Game Localization Services 

Games are experienced by millions of people from all over the globe; each through their peculiar set of cultures, native languages and individual frames of reference. To this end, maintaining your original game experience and message in its reproduction for other markets is an extensive process of high-quality translation and game localization.

Choosing TransHome for your video game localization project gives you access to one of the biggest networks of translations and game localization specialists in the region, supporting you at every stage of your game development process; starting from inception and all the way to post-release updates and patches.

Committed to recreating your original game experience for each and every one of your players across the globe, our gaming localization services not only cover the localization of user manuals, user interface, game scripts, voice-over and marketing materials, but also support you in the localization of your project management, planning, QA and compliance testing phases.

Translating into over 120 languages, TransHome is a leading game localization agency and language service provider in the field of video game localization in the MENA and GCC region; with a proven track record of industry-specific success in a variety of highly-competitive niche markets across the globe.

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