Legal translation is one of the most important fields of translation worldwide; mainly because its expediency, accuracy and affordability can make a world of difference to someone’s life or the future of their business.

Offering case-level continuity in over 120 different languages, partnering with TransHome for your legal translation project gives you access to a wide range of services, including forensic technology and consulting, e-discovery and early data assessment using one of the fastest e-discovery engines and a highly qualified team of diligent PMs and support personnel.

Additionally, our deposition and trial support at all stages of your litigation, starting from vetting court reporters and planning your presentation strategy to assembling transcripts for use in court, legal document translation services for your international litigation needs, paper discovery and production services available at major support locations around the world for expedited pick-up and delivery, as well as managed review and staffing that can handle the largest of multilingual projects with accuracy, proficiency and complete confidentiality.

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