Lost on Website Localization? Here are 4 tips to get you started on your website localization


The term website localization may be unfamiliar to the ears of many; however, it is such an important process when it comes to translating an entire website from one language to another.

So, you may wonder, why is website localization so important that we decided to write a whole blog about it? Well, companies that are trying to reach audiences in different countries with different cultures should localize their website according to the people they are trying to reach.

But first, let’s discuss what website localization is and its importance.

 Web Localization and how it is important.

For starters, website localization is part of the website translation process, and usually, companies translate their websites to reach audiences who speak different languages than the original language of the website.

With website translation explained, now comes the explanation of website localization and its importance to companies. Web localization is the process of localizing everything in a website. Everything, like pictures, website’s layout, its content, maybe even its colors, and the placement of some elements just so it suits the people and their culture.

Putting into consideration cultural differences and having deep knowledge about a culture’s beliefs, dos, and don’ts, what is considered okay and what is considered taboo, the expressions used, their perception in general, etc. knowing, understanding, and integrating is guaranteed to make your website more culturally appropriate, thus leading to better user experience and interaction.

Why Localize Your Website and When?

Well, if you are considering joining the global market, competing with international competitors, or expanding your business elsewhere, it is best that you tailor your website in accordance with the culture in which your website is going to appear.

Do your Market Research

Before digging into the translation and localization process, you must do thorough market research regarding the area or country your website that is going to appear in. The reason behind conducting market research is because it is crucial when it comes to audience insights. After all, understanding the new segment you are going to be dealing with is no joke.

Going Back to the “When” …

The “when “depends on the “why”, ‘why you should consider web localization’ after knowing the answer to that question, waste no time pondering if that is a good or bad idea. It is crucial if you wish to succeed in different countries and relate to the people you wish to reach.

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